Continuity Family Business Consulting is a leading advisory firm for enterprising families.

Using a full suite of service capabilities, we create tailored solutions that help families prevent and manage the single greatest threat to family and business continuity━conflict.

The potential for conflict is woven into the fabric of family enterprise. It’s business and it’s personal, and there’s a lot at stake. The decisions made can have lasting consequences for both the business and its familial relationships. Conflict takes on many forms. It can be active and outright hostile, or it can be passive, causing families to feel “stuck”.

It is through this lens that we advise our clients and build customized strategies for succession planning, corporate governance, family governance, and other crucial initiatives that sustain enterprising families. Since 2003, our experts have provided hundreds of families with real solutions that solve problems. With us, families improve decision making, maximize potential, and achieve continuity.

Achieving Alignment

We help families align their goals so they’re able to make more impactful, long-term financial decisions

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Our renowned team of experts offer a breadth and depth of expertise that is rarely matched. We’re trained and experienced in family business and family systems, and offer a wide range of services, including conflict management, governance development, succession planning, wealth integration, mediation, and more.

Tailored solutions

We produce custom solutions that are specific to each family’s circumstances. Our recommendations are formed after in-depth analyses and thoughtful planning.

Let’s Get Acquainted

We’ll meet with you in-person or virtually to learn about your needs and determine how we can help.