We Help Advisors Strengthen their Relationship with Client Families for Better Engagement and Retention

Whether you’re a wealth manager, trust and estate attorney, commercial banker or accountant, we’ll help you understand and navigate family client dynamics, as well as protect and reinforce your long-term client relationships. Since 2003, Continuity Family Business Consulting’s solutions have helped hundreds of families improve decision-making, manage disagreement, and maximize generational wealth.

Situations We Help Address


Family enterprises with no formal succession plan to set up rising leaders for success


Families that are “stuck” or unable to move forward due to disagreement

A Lack of Governance

Families or family enterprises that lack decision-making structure or formal board oversight

Generational Support

Ensuring that rising generation members have the knowledge, leadership skills and values to succeed

How We Collaborate with Advisors

We can work in a behind-the-scenes support role, side-by-side collaborative role, referred-in role, or advisory role. We’re often a confidential “sounding board” for many advisors behind the scenes, while others have us serve in a short-term capacity with their clients directly, especially for circumstances that would be a conflict of interest for the advisor or put the advisor’s long-term client relationship at risk. Whatever the need, we’re here to make you look good.

We can assist your client-facing team (behind the scenes) on how to navigate complex family relationships, manage conflicts and differences, and process difficult situations involving family dynamics and family meetings.

We can work beside your client-facing team (for a limited scope of work) to address family governance needs.

For acute issues, we can work directly/separately with the client to address conflict as well as difficult choices that may complicate or even jeopardize your firm’s business relationship with the client family. An “arms-length” referral can be an excellent risk management approach when client family issues disrupt the execution of your professional recommendations.

We often assist advisor professionals in the development of marketing collateral, white papers, and thought leadership presentations with regard to family dynamics, conflict, family business and generational wealth. We can also provide you with curated trainings for teams and individuals.

Let’s Get Acquainted

We’ll meet with you in-person or virtually to learn about your needs and determine whether we’re a good fit for you and your client base.