Evaluating Options to Exit

Continuity helps stakeholders understand the many potential exit strategies for family businesses and prepare for them, whether as part of short- or long-term planning.

Among those options is selling the family business, which is often a fraught decision but can be the right one for some families. Choosing to sell can keep the family entrepreneurial spirit alive, providing liquidity for future ventures.

How We Can Help

Refine Goals

We assess stakeholder liquidity and professional goals to recommend options.

Determine Timing

We evaluate and suggest timing to maximize value and for optimal transition.

Facilitate Buy-in

We support alignment among all impacted stakeholders, so decisions are reliable through life-changing transitions.

Prepare the Company for Sale

We work with internal teams and vet suitable partners for a range of capitalization and exit strategies.

Negotiate Fees

Evaluate Specific Offers

We help stakeholders evaluate offers and choose the best option.

When Some Stakeholders Want Out

Sometimes only a few stakeholders wish to sell and exit the business, so others may increase their stake. Other times, selling to outside investors may secure needed capital or facilitate a family member’s exit.

We work to address all stakeholder needs, crafting workable agreements that perpetuate family values and entrepreneurialism, protect the business, and spark career opportunities for family members.

We help you redefine your involvement and identity as you deploy talent and wealth toward new opportunities.

About Us

Since 2003, Continuity Family Business Consulting has helped families around the world build connected, intentional and productive futures. Headquartered in Boston, our advisors offer extensive experience and training in business, family systems, and conflict management.

We know how to effectively integrate the expertise of estate planners, CPAs, key non-family executives, and family business stakeholders – both in and out of the business – to produce plans that work as well for the business as they do for the family.