Continuity Family Business Consulting is a boutique firm of family business consultants and family advisors. Our combined expertise helps enterprising families (and families of wealth) untangle and manage the complexity of sharing business and other assets.

It’s quite common for enterprising families to get stuck, frustrated, bitter, or concerned about the future. While their legacy and goals are unique, the challenges they face are like those we’ve helped other families overcome for nearly 20 years.

Bottom line: We help families improve decision-making, maximize potential, and achieve continuity.

What Does A Family Business Consultant Do?

Family business consultants are uniquely able to help enterprising families navigate the complex issues that arise when family dynamics combine with management, ownership, and economic interests.

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Our Areas of Expertise

In Our Clients’ Words

After we spoke with Continuity, we knew it was the right choice for our family.

We appreciated the rapport between our family and Continuity’s consultant. He went to great lengths to understand our situation and was always impartial and fair.

Continuity helped us achieve more clarity on what we wanted, what was possible, and better communication. It also helped us better understand each other by helping us consider a different perspective.

The compassion, dedication, and insights of our consultant exceeded our expectations.
You helped save my family…thank you!

– Second generation assisted living communities firm formerly in active litigation

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