Continuity Family Business Consulting is a leading advisory firm for enterprising families.

Using a full suite of service capabilities, we create tailored solutions that help families prevent and manage the single greatest threat to family and business continuity━conflict. The potential for conflict is woven into the fabric of family enterprise. It’s business and it’s personal, and there’s a lot at stake. Since 2003, our experts have provided hundreds of families with real solutions that improve decision making, maximize potential, and achieve continuity.


You’re in the right place.

Continuity is the leading authority for managing conflict in family enterprise. Take a moment to read our Getting Started article. We’re here to help whether you decide to call us individually, as a representative of the family, or in a conference call with a small group of stakeholders. Our first call is your opportunity to learn how we work and for us to learn about some of the issues you and your family are facing. This initial consultation is commitment-free, educational and helpful.


Succession Planning

How to transition the family business to the next generation

Conflict Management

Helping families manage differences and move forward

Family Governance

Clarifying roles and process for better decision making

Corporate Governance

How to create and leverage the insights of a board of directors

Leadership Development

Preparing rising leaders in all capacities of a family business

Wealth Integration

Helping individuals appreciate and manage the complexities of wealth

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