The Good News: Family Business, Resilience, and the Pandemic

When External Factors Increase Internal Pressures All businesses, both family- and non-family-owned, are being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  How they respond provides important insight into what makes family businesses different. Family businesses are unique, [...]

Why You Might Need A Family Council

Families hoping to achieve a lasting legacy and to have the greatest impact through multiple generations can benefit from a family council designed for their unique family’s needs. When properly developed, family councils [...]

PODCAST: The Difficult Conversations are the Most Important

Manufacturing Matters - Episode 11 Listen to what the experts shared about managing conflict in a family business versus a traditional organizational structure. Are there Best Practices? How do multi-generational businesses function differently from [...]

The Rewards and Challenges of Working for a Family Business

Doug Baumoel’s Story Based on an interview and article with Cornell University’s Smith Family Business Initiative Working for your family’s business can be a very rewarding experience, especially if it functions well. When it doesn’t, the [...]


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