The Rewards and Challenges of Working for a Family Business

Doug Baumoel’s Story Based on an interview and article with Cornell University’s Smith Family Business Initiative Working for your family’s business can be a very rewarding experience, especially if it functions well. When it doesn’t, the [...]

Why Hire a Family Business Consultant: What They Really Do

Are you trying to figure out if your family-owned business needs a family business consultant?  Family business consultants are uniquely able to help clients navigate through the complex issues that arise when family dynamics combine with [...]

Five Ways to Improve Family Business Communication

We all know communication has a powerful impact on both personal and business relationships. That’s one reason why many people identify poor communication as what needs to be fixed for the family business and relationships [...]

Understanding Conflict in Families of Wealth

By Blair Trippe Working Through Differences Everyone fights over what matters to them. When unrelated people fight, they can choose to walk away and end relationships. When family members fight, it’s not that easy. It’s more [...]

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