Wealth Integration

Managing the Benefits and Challenges of Family Wealth

Wealth impacts families in many ways; many of them wonderful—and some unexpectedly challenging.

Many people focus on managing the money and neglect to tend to other forms of wealth necessary for families to thrive. That can lead to conflict over assets, unmotivated/unproductive heirs, misused and wasted wealth.

At Continuity, we guide and educate individuals and families to make the most of what they have—to develop wisdom about relationships and pitfalls to avoid that can help families thrive with wealth.

Aligning the Purpose and Values of Your Evolving Family

We call this work “wealth integration”—integrating wealth successfully into the family, with understanding and intention, to maximize the benefit to family and community.

We help our client families think generationally and meaningfully about their wealth and goals, whether it be understanding how to parent effectively without the guardrails of scarcity or managing social expectations in a society quick to judge and assume when confronted with wealth.

Intentionality and the Impact of Wealth

We work with people who want to be considerate about the impact of wealth on their families, their relationships, and their communities. Our coaching, education, and content/ facilitation for family retreats helps members of all generations address questions such as:Wealth Integration

  • When and how should I talk to my family about the wealth we have?
  • How can we ensure that wealth transfer to our heirs results in empowerment, not entitlement?
  • How can we address problems of overspending? Or living in denial of wealth?
  • How will our family manage potential conflict arising from sibling and branch wealth disparity?
  • How can we navigate conflict over shared assets?
  • How can we instill values and a work ethic in our next generation if they “don’t need to work?”
  • Should we consider opening, or joining, a family office?

Key Transitions as Family and Wealth Evolve

Families often contact us if they are stuck or when they want to prepare for an impending liquidity event. Others want to prepare their rising next generation to be competent and engaged stewards of the legacy.

Developing the understanding and skills to make good life and wealth decisions protects families from the pitfalls of family wealth.

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