Conflict Management Training for Enterprising Families

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Manage Differences and Protect Your Family Against Future Conflict

Gain practical skills to understand and address differences, so your family doesn’t erupt into conflict that can derail businesses and relationships.

Is this training for you?

Do you:

  • Want to build resilience in your family?
  • Disagree over how assets are shared and managed?
  • Disagree over power?
  • Avoid making decisions—and then miss opportunities?
  • Anticipate a significant transition?
  • Worry about rising tension, litigation, or damaging relationships?
  • Want to maximize business potential and nurture relationships?

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding why family business conflict is so common, often intense, and difficult to resolve
  • Identifying and addressing active (fighting) vs. passive (getting stuck) conflict
  • Avoiding counter-productive conflict management techniques
  • Developing your family connection, or “Family Factor,” to protect you during change
  • Establishing your family’s Conflict Management Contract


When your family improves conflict management skills, you can make better, more efficient decisions about:

  • What is fair
  • Leadership
  • Family governance
  • Business planning
  • Succession planning
  • Integrating and deploying wealth

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Conflict Management: Deconstructing Conflict

Continuity wrote the book on family business conflict.

Now this training brings our experts into your family to reduce the risk of conflict inherent in families sharing business or other significant assets.

Conflict Management Training

Format and Pricing

One-day, interactive training
For 6 or fewer participants= $10,000
For 7 or more participants= $15,000
(Pricing does not include out-of-pocket expenses)

*Highly customized trainings for families wishing to address specific concerns are also available.

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