Rikk Larsen, MBA


Rikk consults with family business owners, family members, management, and their trusted advisors to assist them with succession planning, conflict resolution, family meetings, and strategic planning.

He spent three years in the doctoral program at Harvard University and taught the Business Policy and Business in Society courses at Northeastern University. Upon his father’s death, he then dedicated eight years transitioning his family’s Norwegian shipping business to American based investments.

Rikk’s rich and diverse career history includes work in the film and television production industry during the 1970s. He won two Emmys for independent feature films, “Bill in the Lowlands” and “The Dark End of the Street.” As a director, he worked on a television documentary that told the story of the Boston Celtics with a particular look at the first championship year of the Larry Bird era, 1980-81.

Rikk spent five years as Executive Director of the Boston Organizing Committee, a group that began the process of bringing the Summer Olympics to Boston. During that period he partnered with McKinsey and Company to develop a $2 million pro bono Olympic feasibility study.

He has had a vibrant consulting career since the mid 1990s – including serving as a mediator and coach for the last 20 years. Rikk was a co-founder of Elder Decisions and Agreement Resources, together with Continuity Managing Partner Blair Trippe. These firms provide conflict resolution, mediation, and training services to families as well as a variety of organizations.

He co-authored the book, Mom Always Liked You Best – A Guide to Resolving Family Feuds, Inheritance Battles and Eldercare Crises, with Continuity Managing Partner Blair Trippe and Director of Training Arline Kardasis.

He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Williams College.